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Thank you for your interest in purchasing Farsi Components' products.

All products ordered from Farsi Components will include the following:

  • Online Help Files
  • Sample Project Files
  • Email Support
  • Free Minor Updates



1 Developer Professional Enterprise
ShDate Solutions 3.0 with source codes N/A 3,450,000 5,700,000
ShDate Solutions 3.0 without source codes 405,000 825,000 1,350,000
ShDate Solutions with source codes - Upgrade from 2.x to 3.0 N/A 2,625,000 3,750,000
ShDate Solutions without source codes - Upgrade from 2.x to 3.0 270,000 600,000 900,000

All prices are in Rials. All prices are subject to change.
Please contact for upgrades not listed in above table.

You need one license for each developer and you may distribute royalty-free the applications you created using them.

  • Professional license is for teams with up to 4 developers.
  • Enterprise license is for teams with more than 4 developers.
  • Previous 2/4 Developers licenses should upgrade to Professional.


Please deposit appropriate payment to this bank account:

Bank Melli Iran - Siba - 0101169219007 - Amir Rahimi Farahani

You may also transfer money from your Melli Card to that Siba account or to the following Melli Card through Bank Melli ATMs. You can check the account owner when confirming the transfer.

Bank Melli Iran - Melli Card - 6037991802804447 - Amir Rahimi Farahani

If you have any questions regarding money deposit please contact sales@farsicomponents.com.

After that, fill out this form:

Note: Fields marked with an asterisk are required fields.
You may enter either in English or in Farsi.



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ATTN: Important information such as a license key for your software will be sent to you by e-mail. Please take special care to enter your email address correctly.

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Payment Information: (Available in your bank receipt)

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I will contact you through email within 24 hours after submission and provide you instructions to download packages and give you your license information.

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