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TShMonthCalendar represents a monthly calendar based on Jalali calendar (Hijri Shamsi date). Through a powefull user-interface, end-user can find his/her desired date or dates easily by traversing in different months' calendars and pick them.
By setting different properties and with custom-drawing feature you can customize it for variety of purposes. With full support of multi-select, this component is suitable for implementing user-interface of work-calendars in different industrial applications.

Main Usages:

  • Displaying and getting Hijri Shamsi date or calendar related information.
  • As drop-down calendar for TExShDatePicker.


  • Ultra-Rich GUI, high performance, and completely flicker-free.
  • Flexible and customizable appearance through different properties and powerful custom-drawing feature.
  • Independent of Windows' calendar.
  • Very suitable for designing work-calendar forms in different projects,


  • Not depended to Windows’ calendar
  • Complete support for mouse and keyboard
  • Three select modes: one day, range of dates and multiple dates
  • Months popup menu for selecting month
  • Year up-down for selecting year
  • Powerful support for Multi Select
  • Date restriction through Min/MaxDate properties
  • Support Custom-Drawing for reaching customized appearances
  • Comparable with TMonthCalendar


  • Display month days in a grid, with support of two directions for display.
  • Display today’s date and allow quickly selecting it.
  • Display week numbers.
  • Display days from next and previous months.
  • Feasibility of defining bold days for having different display.
  • Customizable appearance through variety of properties
  • Completely customizable colors.
  • Draw optional lines in grid.
  • Extendable appearance through custom-drawing.
  • High quality and flicker-free.


  • Simplicity and speed in finding dates.
  • View monthly information of dates.
  • Full support of mouse and keyboard.
  • Useful shortcut keys for accessing most using dates.
  • Select month through popup menu and month buttons.
  • Select year through an up-down by clicking on year’s number.


  • Uses TDate as data type for date
  • Store information for each day through Objects property
  • Get selected dates through Selected property in Multi-Select mode.
  • Define holidays and special days and display them in calendar.
  • Define restriction in selecting dates through Min/MaxDate properties.


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