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About DateTime Fields

In SQL there are three field types for storing date and time values :

  • DATE: Stores date values.
  • TIME: Stores time values.
  • TIMESTAMP: Stores date and time values.

These types are supported in different databases, though each version has its own implementation and storage method.

Some advantages of using date-time field types instead of strings are:

  • Your databases will be standard in working with date and date-time values.
  • It will be possible to use date functions, such as comparing to today, in queries.
  • These field types always will contain valid date/date-time values. Values will be general and not depended to any calendar.
  • Date-Time fields have a lot of usages because they have date and time in one existence while date-time arithmetic calculations are possible on them.
  • Calculations with date and date-time fields are simply possible but not with string fields. For example difference between two date field values can be found with “Field1-Field2” or it’s possible to add an arbitrary count of days or amount of time to a date or date-time field’s value.
  • This is the only solution when writing applications that work with both calendars. You will not need conversion routines to have both Jalali and Gregorian representations.
  • You can take advantages of TShDateField and TShDateTimeField classes in Delphi.

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